How It Works

Get the data

Our system pulls and stores the data for your contractual month before the month begins and then multiple times a day after it starts. Sequences are updated continually to ensure you are paid the actual hours you are due, no matter if the sequence is cancelled, reassigned or changed in any way.

Calculate the present

With each flight, Check My Pay calculates how much you have earned. This includes flight time, premium, over-guarantee, sit-time, international override and meals.

Predict the future

From the start of the month, see we what you expect to earn. With every change to your schedule, Check My Pay provides a new view on your projected pay.

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Spot the mismatch

Easily identify the mismatches between our calculations and what the company shows you have earned. Check My Pay compares our calculations to the company’s calculations and highlights potential underpayments in red.

See the calculations

Don’t just trust us. Drill down to see the calculations at every level – even for an individual leg. This will keep you informed, but also arm you with the information you need to make a claim.

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Capture everything

You will have a record not just of pay for sequences, but for training, distance learning, drug testing and more.

Get the whole picture

See the entire amount you have earned for the month as a single number. At the end of the month we break that number down, so you can easily compare the values to your paycheck.

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